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Richfield ( Barkerville )

Richfield is named for the rich gold field on Williams Creek.


Location:  Richfield is located in the north central part of the Province and is located south of Barkerville Historic Town..

Judicial District:  Cariboo Judicial District


Courthouse – Richfield


Location:  Main Street, Richfield

Built:  1882

Style:  Wood Frame

Architect:  Department of Public Works

Contractor:  Ithiel Blake Nason of Richfield


Description:  The building faces east and is a one story white coloured wood frame structure. The building is located on the spacious grounds of the former courthouse complex which included a jail, police barracks and judge’s residence and sits on a steep hill overlooking Williams Creek. The east front has a central entrance with small porch supported by two thin columns. At the peak of the hipped roof is an oval window. The courtroom is location on the northwest side and the jury room is located on the southwest side. The judge’s chamber is located on the northeast side and the gold commissioner’s office is on the southeast side. The building served as a courthouse until 1912 and is now part of the Barkerville Historic Town.  


Note:  The first courthouse was a log cabin built in 1862 when Richfield was a boom town during the gold rush. Thomas Elwyn, the magistrate supervised the construction. The present courthouse was built at a cost of $5000 and is the oldest courthouse in British Columbia.






Old Courthouse

























Judge’s Chamber



Jury Room



Gold Commissioner’s Office



Picture – Courthouse. Jail, Police Barracks and Judge’s Residence



Photos taken 2019