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Shoshone County

Shoshone County is named for the Shoshone Native American tribe who resided in the region.


Surrounding County Courthouses: 

N – Bonner County

E – Sanders County, Montana and Mineral County, Montana

S – Clearwater County

W – Latah CountyBenewah CountyKootenai County and Bonner County


Created:  January 8, 1861                                                          Map of Idaho highlighting Shoshone County

County Seat: 

Pierce     1861 – 1885 ( Clearwater County )

Murray    1885 – 1892

Wallace  1892 – present


County Courthouse – Wallace 


Location:  700 Bank Street / 7th Street

Built:  1905 – 1906

Style:  Neo-Classical Revival

Architect:  Lewis R Stritesky and Robert C Sweatt of Spokane, Washington

Contractor:  August Ilse


Description:  The building  faces north and is a three story white colored concrete block structure. The building is located on landscaped grounds in the center of Wallace. As the concrete is soft, the outer walls have been covered with stucco material. The building has a raised basement. The north front has a center section which protrudes with the entrance on the first story and balcony supported by medallions and high arched window on the second and third stories. The building has non-derivative fluted pilasters, denticulated cornice and high parapet. In the interior, the lobby has columns and a patterned tile floor. The County Magestrate Court courtroom is located on the east side side of the second story and the County District Court courtroom is located on the east side of the third story. The building houses the County District Court and County Magistrate Court of the 1st Judicial District. The building was renovated in 1974. The architect was Walker / McGough / Fultz / Lyerla and the contractor was McKim & Kiser Company and Construction Development Corporation.


First County Courthouse – Pierce



Location:  Court Street / 1st Avenue

Built:  1861 – 1862

Style:  Wood Frame

Architect:  R L Gillespie, who was the Sheriff

Contractor:  K C Reed and W Keith


Description:  The building  faces west and is a two story wood frame structure. The building is located on landscaped grounds in the center of Pierce. The west front has a one story porch with entrance towards the south front. The second story has two windows. The roof is pitched. 


Note:  When the first courthouse was built in Pierce, the building was located in Shoshone County. Later the county boundaries were changed and the old courthouse is now located in Clearwater County. The courthouse is the oldest former courthouse in Idaho that is still standing.


Second County Courthouse – Murray



Location:  Pritchard Creek Road / Gold Rush Street

Built:  1884 – 1885

Style:  Wood Frame

Architect:  Stewart Fuller

Contractor:  Stewart Fuller


Description:  The building  faces south and is a two story gray colored wood frame structure. The building is located in the center of Murray. The south front has a central recessed entrance on the first story with large windows on each side. The second story has a door. Along the west side is are two entrances with windows on the first and second stories. The county rented the building and in 1888 purchased the building as a courthouse until 1890.


Third County Courthouse – Wallace



Location:  424 6th Street / Bank Street

Built:  1890 – 1891

Style:  Commercial

Architect:  Unknown

Contractor:  Unknown


Description:  The building  faces south and is a two story red colored brick and wood structure. The building is located in the center of Wallace and 50 feet by 75 feet with entrance at the southeast corner. The windows are vertical and the roof line is flat. The second story housed the courtrooms. The building was named as the DeLashmutt Building and is now the Smoke House. The building served as the courthouse from 1898 to 1906 and the courtroom was in the Masonic Opera House.


Note:  From 1898 to 1906, the Masonic Opera House built in 1896, was used for the courtroom. The building was destroyed by fire in 1915.


See:  The 1st Judicial District includes Benewah CountyBonner CountyBoundary County and Kootenai County.


History:  The county was created in 1861 and Pierce (Clearwater County) was selected as the county seat in 1862. The court met in private residences until the first courthouse was built in 1861 to 1862 at a cost of $3,700. The courthouse is still standing. In 1885, the county seat was moved to Murray. The second courthouse was built in 1884 to 1885 and is still standing. In 1892, the county seat was moved to Wallace. The third courthouse was the DeLashmutt Building built in 1890 to 1891 and used from 1892 to 1906. The Masonic Opera House was used for court hearing from 1898 to 1906. The fourth and present courthouse was constructed in 1905 to 1906.



County Courthouse – Wallace















County Magistrate Court courtroom





County District Court courtroom













First County Courthouse – Pierce











Second County Courthouse – Murray













Third County Courthouse – Wallace



Opera House used a a courtroom – Wallace







Photos taken 2006 and 2016