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Pulaski County

Pulaski County is named for Casimir Pulaski, who was a Revolutionary War soldier killed at the Battle of Savannah, and who lived from 1746 to 1779.


Surrounding County Courthouses: 

N – Miller County and Maries County

E – Phelps County

S – Texas County

W – Laclede County and Camden County


Created:  January 19, 1833                    Map of Missouri highlighting Pulaski County

County Seat:

Bear Creek             1833 – 1835

Roubidoux Creek   1835 – 1843

Waynesville            1843 – present


County Courthouse – Waynesville  


Location:  301 Historic Route 66 East / Highway 17

Built:  1989 – 1990

Style:  Modern

Architect:  Warren and Goddin

Contractor:  Wirt Development Agency


Description: The building faces east and is a three story red colored brick, concrete and glass structure. The east front has a projecting center section rising above the first story and forming a glass wall. The third story forms an overhang on the south with a recessed north side with similar overhang. The windows are small. On the south side is another projecting glass wall section. The building houses the County Circuit Court of the 25th Judicial Circuit.


Old County Courthouse – Waynesville  



Location:  300 Historic Route 66 East / North Lynn Street

Built:  1903 – 1904

Style:  Romanesque and Italianate

Architect:  Henry H Hohenschild

Contractor:  Ed Long of Rolla.


Description: The building faces south and is a two story red colored brick and stone  style structure. The building is 60 feet by 40 feet. There is a three story tower on the west side. The building is now a museum.


See:  The architect, Henry H Hohenschild, also designed courthouses in Barry CountyChristian CountyOsage County, Pemiscot CountyPike CountyScott County and Washington County.


See:  The 25th Judicial Circuit includes Maries CountyPhelps County, Pulaski County and Texas County.


History:  The county was created in 1833. The first court met at the residence of Jesse Boileau. The house of Green B Williams on Bear Creek was selected as the county seat were held in homes. In 1835, the county seat was moved to the house of James A Bates on Roubidoux Creek (Waynesville). The court moved to the residences of William Moore and J J Clark. In 1840, the county accepted a two story hewn-log structure on land provided by William Moore in Waynesville as the first courthouse. In 1843, Waynesville was selected as the county seat and the second courthouse, a two story brick structure was built by Allen Hamor in the same year. The third courthouse, a two story brick structure was built in 1872 to 1873 at a cost of $10,000 and W C Kerr was the superintendent of construction. The building was destroyed by fire on June 13, 1903. The fourth courthouse was constricted in 1902 to 1904 at a cost of $10,240 and is still standing. The fifth and present courthouse was constructed in 1989 to 1990.



County Courthouse – Waynesville











Old County Courthouse – Waynesville







Photos taken 2009