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Chester County

Chester County is named for the City of Chester in Cheshire in England.


Surrounding County Courthouses: 

N – Berks County and Montgomery County

E – Delaware County

S – New Castle County, Delaware and Cecil County, Maryland

W – Lancaster County


Created:  August 24, 1682                      Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Chester County

County Seat:

Chester           1682 – 1788

West Chester  1788 – present


County Courthouse – West Chester  


Location:  2 North High Street / Market Street

Built:  1846 – 1847

Style:  Greek Revival / Georgian

Architect:  Thomas Ustick Walter

Contractor:  William Ingram, Chalkey Jefferis, James Powell and David H Taylor


Description:  The building faces northeast and is a two story gray colored limestone structure. The building is located on landscaped grounds with a park area along the north side. The building a “T” shape. The east front has a large portico with six Corinthian columns rising to a wide pediment at the roof line. There is a central entrance on the first story.  On the roof is a high square clock tower. A gray colored Indiana limestone annex was constructed on the west side in 1891 to 1893. The architect was T Roney Williamson and the contractor was Plummer E Jefferis. In 1964 to 1966 an addition was constructed on the north side of the  1893 annex. The architect was Badder, Young & Schultz.


See:  The building plans were used to constyruct the courthouse in Erie County.


Note:  The first courthouse was located in Chester (   Delaware County ) and built in 1724. The county seat was moved to West Chester in 1788 and the courthouse built in 1784 to 1786 and located on the same site was used. The cost of construction of the present courthouse was $55,346, and the cost of construction of the 1892 annex was $75,030.


County Justice Center – West Chester  



Location:  201 West Market Street / New Street

Built:  2005 – 2008

Style:  Modern

Architect:  Bernardson Haber Holloway Architects

Contractor:  The Bedwell Company


Description:  The building faces southeast and is a seven story buff colored brick and concrete structure. The building is rectangular and comes to the street line. The east front has a central entrance on the first story with three rectangular opening. Above on the third to fifth stories is a recessed porch with six columns rising to a pediment on the sixth story. The upper stories are faced with white colored concrete siding. The roof line is flat. The project manager was Joseph Jingoli & Son Inc. of Lawrenceville, New Jersey.



County Courthouse – West Chester



























County Justice Center – West Chester














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