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Lavaca County

Lavaca County is named for the Lavaca River which is the Spanish word “la vaca” meaning “cow”.


Surrounding County Courthouses: 

N – Gonzales County and Fayette County 

E – Colorado County and Wharton County

S – Jackson County and Victoria County 

W – DeWitt County

Created:  April 6, 1846                            Map of Texas highlighting Lavaca County

County Seat: 

Petrsburg     1846 – 1852

Hallettsville  1852 – present

County Courthouse – Hallettsville  

Location:  105 North La Grange Street / East 2nd Street

Built:  1897 – 1899

Style:  Romanesque Revival

Architect:  T Heiner

Contractor:  A T Lucas

Description:  The building faces north and is a three story brown colored sandstone,  gray colored stone and concrete structure. The building is located on the landscaped grounds of the Courthouse Square in the center of Hellettsville. The north front has a large arch on the first story with recessed entrance. On the east and west, the center sections are recessed with large arch on the first story, balcony on the second and third story and rising to a peak at the roof line. On either side on the center sections are large square towers with steep roof. On the center of the roof is a one hundred seventy-foot clock tower with open belfry and steep roof at the top. In the interior there are tile floors and an iron staircase. The courtroom is located on the second story and has a pressed tin ceiling and a balcony on the third story. The building houses the State District Court and Constitutional County Court.  In 2010, the building was restored. The architect was TWC Architects and the contractor was Weaver & Jacobs Constructors.


Note:  The brown sandstone and gray stone were shipped in by rail as huge boulders from Mill County. These stones were measured and cut on site by local farmers and other laborers. 


Note:  To the southwest is the County Criminal Justice Center which houses the County Justtice Court at 38 Farm Road 318 and Highway 77.


History:  The county was created in 1846 and Petersburg was selected as the county seat. The first courthouse was a log cabin built in Petersburg in 1847. The building burned in 1850. The second courthouse was a frame satructure built in Petersburg by Spencer Townsend, Thomas Saunders and John Wonenburger in 1851 at a cost of $800. The third courthouse was a wood frame structure designed and built by John W Kelly and Josiah Dowling in Hallettsville in 1852. The fourth courthouse was a two story stone structure built by J E Dietz & Company in 1875 at a cost of $16,000. The fifth and present courthouse was constructed in 1897 to 1899 at a cost of $62,500.



County Courthouse – Hallettsville





























Photos taken 2014 and 2017