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Pend Oreille County

Pend Oreille County is named for the Pend Oreille Native American tribe, who were named by the French for “earring” or “hangs in the ear”.


Surrounding County Courthouses: 

N – British Columbia, Canada

E – Boundary County, Idaho and Bonner County, Idaho

S – Spokane County

W – Stevens County


Created:   March 1, 1911                        Map of Washington highlighting Pend Oreille County

County Seat: 

Newport  1911 – present


County Courthouse – Newport 


Location:  625 West 4th Street / South Scott Avenue

Built:  1914 – 1915

Style:  Neo-Classical

Architect:  Williams and Williams

Contractor:  T W Hartness


Description:  The building  faces north and is a three story buff colored brick and concrete structure. The rectangular shaped building is located on landscaped grounds in the center of Newport and has a recessed entrance in the center of the north side. The building has a raised basement and a projecting cornice runs below the roof line. In the interior there is woodwork and wood stairs. The former courtroom that was located on the third story is now the Commissioner\s Meeting Room. The building houses the County Administration. The building was renovated in 1992. The architect was Zeck Butler and the contractor was Walker Construction Company of Spokane. On the south side is the County Jail built in 1940.


See:  National; Register of Historic Places – Pend Oreille County Courthouse


County Hall of Justice – Newport 



Location:  229 South Garden Avenue / West 2nd Street

Built:  1979 – 1980

Style:  Modern

Architect:  Walker McGoush Foltz Lyeria

Contractor:  Lill Construction Company


Description:  The building  faces north and is a one story red colored brick, glass and concrete structure. The is located on spacious landscaped grounds on the west side of the center of Newport. The building is triangular in shape. The windows are horizontal with a wide concrete band along the flat roof line. In the interior are the adjoining courtrooms for the County District Court and the County Superior Court located at the center on the south side of the building. The building houses the County Superior Court and the County District Court. The building was named in 1996 as the James P McNally Hall of Justice. 


See:  The Judicial District includes Ferry County and Stevens County.


History:  The county was created in 1911 and Newport was selected as the county seat. The first and present courthouse was constructed in 1914 to 1915. The Hall of Justice was constructed in 1979 to 1980 at a cost of $760,000.



County Courthouse – Newport













Commissioner’s Meeting Room











Old County Jail – Newport





County Hall of Justice – Newport















County Superior Court courtroom











County District Court courtroom













Commissioner Minutes 1979 – bid award

Photos taken 2006, 2009, 2016 and 2022