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Wyoming Supreme Court




Location:  1 Capitol Avenue / 24th Street

Built:  1935 – 1937
Style:  Neo-Classical Revival / Beaux Arts details
Architect:  William Dubois
Contractor:  John W Howard.

  The building faces west and is a three story Bedford sandstone structure. The rectangular shaped building is located on spacious landscaped grounds in the center of Cheyenne to the south of the State Capitol.  The entrance doors are bronze with a grill work of brass at the sides and over the doors. The Main Lobby is finished with Georgia marble, Colorado travertine and Vermont marble. The interior is partly finished in Tennessee marble and the exterior is Indiana limestone. There is a stairway leading from the Foyer to the Lobby of the Main Floor. The Supreme Court justices have their chambers in the south end of the main floor, while the Supreme Court Chamber, Room 124, one of the most beautiful in the building, is at the north end of the main floor with the clerk’s offices. The Supreme Court Chamber has a ceiling of beam-panel design and the walls have American black walnut panels. The library is housed on the main floor in the center. It connects with the judges’ chambers on the south, giving the Supreme Court staff easy access. The building is named as the Supreme Court and State Library Building.


First Supreme Court Chamber



Location:  200 West 24th Street / Capitol Avenue

Built:  1886 – 1890
Style:  Renaissance Revival,
Architect:  David W Gibbs & Company
Contractor:   Adam Feick & Brothers. / Moses P Keefe  ( second portion )

  The building faces south and is a four story sandstone structure. The rectangular shaped building is located on landscaped grounds in the center of Cheyenne facing south along Capitol Avenue. The old Supreme Court Chamber is located on the second floor on the north side of the building. On the third floor are the Chamber galleries and the Legislative Conference Room, Room 302, on the south side. The two-story room includes a public balcony, a stained-glass laylight and a brilliant chandelier. The space also served as the Wyoming Supreme Court’s chamber until 1937 and later housed the Legislative Service Office. Today, the historic Territorial House Chamber is once again restored as it was in 1889 and is a public meeting room. 


Note:  In 1889, the Wyoming Constitutional Convention met in the Territorial House Chamber of the new capitol.  In this historic room,Wyoming reaffirmed the right of women to vote and included that right in the state constitution. The Wyoming Capitol is designated a national historic landmark because of this room and the inclusion of women’s suffrage in Wyoming’s constitution.


History:  The Supreme Court was housed in the Territorial House Chamber of the State Capitol at the center of the north side of the second story until 1937.  The present Supreme Court Building was constructed in 1935 to 1937.



Wyoming Supreme Court – Cheyenne































Wyoming Supreme Court Chamber



























First Supreme Court Chamber loicated in State Capitol















Photos taken 2011, 2015 and 2023