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Barry County

Barry County is named for William T Barry, who was the Postmaster General under President Andrew Jackson.


Surrounding County Courthouses: 

N – Kent County and Ionia County

E – Eaton County

S – Calhoun County and Kalamazoo County

W – Allegan County


Created:  April 29, 1829                          Map of Michigan highlighting Barry County

County Seat:

Hastings  1839 – present


County Courthouse – Hastings 


Location:  220 West State Street / South Church Street

Built:  1892 – 1893

Style:  Richardsonian Romanesque

Architect:  Albert E French of Detroit

Contractor:  Nichols Brothers of Lansing


Description:  The building faces north and is a four story dark red colored brick and stone structure. The building is located on landscaped grounds in the center of Hastings. The building has an arched stone entrance projecting from the building. The base of the building is course stone. On the center of the roof is a high square red colored brick clock tower with peaked roof. The interior has terra cotta fixtures. The courtroom is located on the second story and ia spacious with a coffered wood and plaster ceiling, The building houses the County Circuit Court of the 5th Judicial District. The building was remodeled in 2017. On the southwest side is the old red colored brick County Jail and Sheriff’s Residence.


See:  The architect, Albert E French of Detroit, also designed the courthouse in  Livingston County.


Note: During the remodeling of the courthouse in 2017, paneling was removed revealing wall writings from workers who built the original building. They scribbled their need for beer and the dislike of Lansing where the contractor was based.


County Courts & Law Building – Hastings 



Location:  206 West Court Street / South Church Street

Built:  1993 – 1994

Style:  Modern

Architect:  Robert VanPutten of Landmark Design Group of Grand Rapids

Contractor:  Pioneer Construction of Grand Rapids


Description:  The building faces north and is a three story red colored brick, stone glass and concrete structure. The building is located on landscaped grounds in the center of Hastings on the south side of the courthouse. The building has a projecting center section with large archway at the entrance. The first story is faced with light colored stone, the second story is faced with red colored brick and the third story is dark glass. The building is named as the Barry County Courts and Law Building. The building housed the County District Court and County Probate Court.


History:  The county was created in 1826 and Hastings was selected as the county seat in 1839 when the county was organized. The court met in the schoolhouse in 1840. The first courthouse was a wood structure built by Hiram J Kenfield and James M Hewesin 1842 to 1843 at a cost of $1,1214. The courthouse burned in 1846. The second courthouse was designed by John Lewis and built by Alvin W Bailey in 1849 at a cost of $2,381. The third and present courthouse was constructed in 1892 to 1893 at a cost of $57,564. The County Courts & Law Building was constructed in 1993 to 1994.


See:  Michigan’s County Courthouses by John Fedynsky



County Courthouse – Hastings













County Courts & Law Building – Hastings





Photos taken 2008