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Moore County

Moore County is named for Alfred Moore, who was a captain in the American Revolutionary War and a justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.


Surrounding County Courthouses: 

N – Randolph County and Chatham County

E – Lee CountyHarnett County and Cumberland County

S – Hoke CountyScotland County and Richmond County

W – Richmond County and Montgomery County


Created:  July 4, 1784                            Map of North Carolina highlighting Moore County

County Seat: 

Carthage 1784 – present


County Courts Facility – Carthage 


Location:  102 Monroe Street / Dows Road

Built:  1977 – 1979

Style:  Modern

Architect:  Austin Associates

Contractor:  King-Hunter Inc.


Description:  The building faces west and is a two story concrete and glass structure. The building is in located on the southeast side of the Public Square in the center of Cathage. The west front has a large glass wall with recessed entrances on either side. The second story has narrow horizontal windows. The flat roof overhangs the building. The building houses the County Superior Court and County District Court of the 19th Judicial District. 


New County Courthouse – Carthage 


Location:  102 Monroe Street / Dows Road

Built:  2021 – 2023

Style:  Modern

Architect:  Mosely Architects of Raleigh

Contractor:  New Atlantic Contracting, Inc. of Winston-Salem


Description:  The building will be a four story structure and the cost will be $41,100,000.


County Courthouse – Carthage 



Location:  Courthouse Square / Dowd Road & Monroe Street

Built:  1922 – 1923

Style:  Neo-Classical

Architect:  Christopher Gadsden Sayre

Contractor:  Joe W Stout & Company of Sanford


Description:  The building faces northwest and is a three story Indiana limestone and concrete structure. The building is located on the landscaped grounds of the Public Square in the center of Carthage. The northwest front has a central arched entrance on the first story with small balustrade above. The first story windows are arched. A projecting horizontal cornice runs between the first and second stories. The roof line is flat. The interior has cross halls with marble wainscot. In the center is an octagonal area. The stairs are located at the east and west ends. The former courtroom is located on the second story and sheathed wainscot skirts the chamber and paneled pilasters separate the paired windows. A monumental round arch filled with cartouche and cornucopias occupies the wall behind the judge’s bench.


See:  The contractor, Joe W Stout & Company of Sanford, also constructed the courthouse in Montgomery County.


See:  National Register of Historic Places – Moore County Courthouse


See:  The 19th Judicial District includes Cabarrus County, Hoke County, Randolph County and Rowan County.


History:  The county was created in 1874 and Carthage was selected as the county seat. The first county officers met in private homes, The first courthouse was a rude two story wooden structure built on the property of Richardson Fagin on Killet’s Creek in 1785. In 1814, the courthouse was moved to the Public Square in Carthage. The second courthouse was a brick structure built in 1840. The courthouse was destroyed by fire on September 5, 1889. The third courthouse was a two story brick structure built in 1890. The fourth and present courthouse was constructed in 1922 to 1923. The County Courts Facility was constructed in 1977 to 1979.



County Courts Facility – Cathage













County Courthouse – Carthage

























Photos taken 2012 and 2014