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Montezuma County

Montezuma County is named for Montezuma II, who was an Aztec leader and the Montezuma Ruins were first thought to be of Aztec origin.


Surrounding County Courthouses: 

N – Dolores County

E – La Plata County

S – San Juan County, New Mexico

W – San Juan County, Utah


Created:  April 16, 1889                          Map of Colorado highlighting Montezuma County

County Seat:

Cortez  1889 – present


County Courthouse – Cortez


Location:  109 West Main Street / South Chestnut Street

Built:  1937 – 1938

Style:  Art Deco

Architect:  C Francis Pillsbury of Denver

Contractor:  Alfred C Larsen of Bloomfield


Description: The building faces north and is a two story buff colored structure. The central entrance has a slightly projecting concrete frame The roof line of the rectangular building is flat. A three story red colored brick addition was constructed on the east side in 1959 to 1960 . The contractor was  McGechie Construction Company.


See:  The architect, C Francis Pillsbury of Denver also designed the courthouse in Eagle CountyKiowa CountyLa Plata County and Rio Blanco County.


County Justice Center  – Cortez


Location:  601 North Mildred Road / East Empire Street

Built:  Unknown

Style:  Mordern

Architect:  Unknown

Contractor:  Unknown


Description: The building is low modern structure.


New County Courts Center  – Cortez


Location:  865 North Park Street / East Driscoll Street

Built:  2016 – 2018

Style:  Mordern

Architect:  Humphries Poli Architects

Contractor:  Jaynes Corporation


Description: The building is low modern structure. The building is presently under construction.


See:   The 22nd Judicial District includes Dolores County.



County Courthouse – 













Commissioner Minutes – contractor

Photos taken 2011