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Doniphan County

Doniphan County is named for Alexander W Doniphan, who was the commander of a regiment of cavalry during the Mexican War.


Surrounding County Courthouses: 

N – Richardson County, Nebraska, Holt County, Missouri and Andrew County, Missouri

E – Andrew County, Missouri and Buchanan County, Missouri

S – Atchison County

W – Brown County


Created:  August 25, 1855                     Map of Kansas highlighting Doniphan County

County Seat:

Troy  1858 – present


County Courthouse – Troy 


Location:  120 East Chestnut Street / South Main Street

Built:  1905 – 1906

Style:  Romanesque

Architect:  George P Washburn & Sons of Ottawa

Contractor:  J H Wagenknecht of Wathena


Description: The building faces south and is a three story red brick, limestone and concrete structure. The building is located on the landscaped grounds on the Courthouse Square in the center of Troy. The south south front has a porch supported by four limestone pillars with balcony above. On the corners of the building are round towers with conical roofs. Between the towers is a peaked section with small windows on the fourth story. On the center of the hipped roof is an octagonal dome with windows and domed roof. In the interior there are double wood floors, wooden stairs, plastered walls and plain dark woodwork. The large County District Court courtroom is located in the north side of the second story. The small courtroom is located southeast side of the second story. The building houses the County District Court of the 22nd Judicial District. On the grounds is a 35 foot Indian burr oak sculpture by Peter Toth.


Note:  A statue of the goddess of justice originally stood on the north gamble but was removed.


Note: The architect, George P Washburn & Sons, designed courthouses in Anderson County, Atchison County, Bulter County, Chautaugua County, Franklin County, Harper County, Kingman County, Miami County, Pratt County and Woodson County, and Beaver County in Oklahoma.


See:  National Register of Historic Places – Doniphan County Courthouse


See:  The 22nd Judicial District includes Brown CountyMarshall County and Nemaha County.


History:  The county was created in 1855 and Troy was selected as the county seat in 1858. The first courthouse was a temporary structure erected in 1858. The second courthouse was a brick structure erected in Troy in 1859 and was destroyed by fire in 1867. The third courthouse was a two story structure built by J J Johnson & Edwin Straughn in Troy in 1867 to 1868. The courthouse was razed in 1905 to permit construction of the fourth and present courthouse constructed in 1905 to 1906 at a cost of $39,950.



County Courthouse – Troy















County District Court courtroom

























Small courtroom









Photos taken 2009 and 2022