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Hudspeth County

Hudspeth County is named for Claude Benton Hudspeth, who was a state congressman, rancher and newspaper publisher.


Surrounding County Courthouses: 

N – Otero County, New Mexico

E – Culberson County

S – Jeff Davis County and Mexico

W – Mexico and El Paso County 

Created:  February 16, 1917                  Map of Texas highlighting Hudspeth County

County Seat: 

Sierra Blanca  1917

County Courthouse – Sierra Blanca

Location:  201 West Millican Street / North Williams Street

Built:  1918 – 1919

Style:  Mediterranean

Architect:  Butell and Hardie of El Paso

Contractor:  Butell and Hardie of El Paso ( Supervisor )

Description:  The building faces south and is a one story reddish pink colored adobe brick and concrete structure. The building is located on spacious grounds in the center of Sierra Blanca. The building is a “T” shape and is built of adobe brick. The walls are 18 inches thick. The east and west wings are lower in height. The low roof is hipped. In the interior, the walls are plaster. The main courtroom is located on the west side and the small courtroom is located at the southeast corner. On the north side is the large assembly room in thenorth wing. The building houses the State District Court, Constitutional County Court and County Justice Court. The building was restored in 2002 to 2004.


History:  The county was created in 1917 and Sierra Blanca was selected as the county seat. The present courthouse is the first and only courthouse built in the County. The cost of construction was $35,000. Lang & Mitchell were hired as the architect in 1918 but were released. Bueteil and Hardie of El Paso prepared the plans and three bids were received: J C Worthington at $40,000, H T Ponford & Sons at $36,750 and George Boudett at $35,000. The bids were rejected and Bueteil and Hardie were hired to supervise construction in 1918. Subcontractors were : Rosendo DeLarosa (adobe bricks), Lee Williams (hauling), Gem Electric Corporation, Southwestern Sheet Metal Works, Southwestern Planing Mills, Dave Crockett and Blanca Trading Company.



County Courthouse – Sierra Blanca  















Small Courtroom











Main Courtroom



Original Building Plan



Commissioner Minutes







Photos taken 2014 and 2019