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Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara County is named for the Spanish for “Saint Barbara”.


Surrounding County Courthouses: 

N – San Luis Obispo County

E – Ventura County

S – Pacific Ocean

W – Pacific Ocean


Created:  February 18, 1850                                          Location in the state of California

County Seat: 

Santa Barbara  1850 – present


County Courthouse – Santa Barbara 


Location:  1100 Ancacapa Street / East Figueroa Street

Built:  1926 – 1929

Style:  Spanish Castle

Architect:  William Mooser III of William Mooser Company, Edwards and Plunkett and J Wilmer Hershey

Contractor:  William Mooser Company


Description:  The building faces southwest and is a two story white colored stucco, sandstone, metal, terra-cotta and concrete structure. The courthouse consists of four buildings connected to form an “L” shape. The southwest front has center section with large arch and passageway to the sunken garden on the northeast side. Above this section rises the El Mirador Clock Tower with observation deck on the fourth story. At the intersection of the south and east wings, is a rotunda with a defensive round tower. The Anacapa Gallery extends northwest and contains the Mural room. The Figueroa Gallery extends northeast  The northeast corner of the building is defended by means of a turret with lancets, machicolations and embrasures. The Hall of Records is a square building at the northeast corner.


See:  National Register of Historic Places – Santa Barbara County Courthouse.


County Administration Building – Santa Barbara 



Location:  105 East Anaparnu Street / Ancacapa Street

Built:  1965 – 1966

Style:  Modern

Architect:  Unknown

Contractor:  Unknown


Description:  The building faces southeast and is a four story yellow colored stucco and  concrete structure. The southeast front has a large arch on the first story. Vertical dividers run between the windows. The red colored tile roof is sloped along the outer edges.



County Courthpuse – Santa Barbara



























County Administration Building – Santa Barbara



Photos taken 2013