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Albany County


Albany County is named for the City of Albany in New York State which was named for the Duke of York and Albany who later became King James II of England.


Surrounding County Courthouses: 

N – Converse County

E – Platte County and Laramie County

S – Larimer County, Colorado and Jackson County, Colorado

W – Carbon County


Created: December 16, 1868                 Map of Wyoming highlighting Albany County
County Seat:

Laramie 1869 – present

County Courthouse – Laramie


Location: 525 East Grand Avenue / 6th Street

Built: 1931 – 1932
Style: Art Deco
Architect: Wilbur H Hitchcock and William Dubois
Contractor: C B Jenson

 The building faces south and is a four story buff colored flagstone and concrete structure. The rectangular shaped building is located on landscaped grounds in the center of Laramie. The building has a raised basement as the first story. The local stone used is predominately pink color with yellow color inclusions. All windows have casement-type metal frames. At the south front, there is a three arch entrance extending from the building. Above the entrance is a large arched window rising from the third story to the fourth story. The corners protrude in descending tiers. The fourth story level window range has low arched lintels on the north and the eastern most apertures on third and fourth ranges have been filled to provide full walls for the courtroom which is located on the third story. In the interior, the  lobby entrance has block marble trim around doorways and waist-high grey marble on the walls. The large County District Court courtroom is located on the east side of the third story and has an Art Deco design with light colored furnishings and high ceiling extending into the fourth story. The County Circuit Court courtroom is located at the northwest side of the fourth story. The building houses the County District Court and County Circuit Court of the 2nd Judicial District. 


Note:  The courthouse was originally designed by local architect Wilbur Hitchcock, who died before he completed the plans, and the project then was taken over and finished by William Dubois. The exterior design seems to be Hitchcock’s while the interior is Dubois.


See:  The 2nd Judicial District includes Carbon County.


History:  The county was created in 1868 and Laramie was selected as the county seat in 1869. The first courthouse was a two story red colored brick structure designed by Dupene and Gumry and constructed by Edward Ivinson and Peter Gumry in 1871 to 1873. The courthouse was the first building constructed in Wyoming for use as a courthouse. The building was demolished in 1931. The second and present courthouse was constructed in 1931 to 1932.



County Courthouse – Laramie

































County District Court courtroom



















Ivinson Mansion – Laramie



Photos taken 2007, 2015 and 2023