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Mason County

Mason County is named for Mason County in Kentucky, which county was named for George Mason, who was a Virginia delegate to the United States Constitutional Convention and he is known as the ”Father of the Bill of Rights”.


Surrounding County Courthouses: 

N – Fulton County and Tazewell County

E – Tazewell County and Logan County

S – Menard County and Cass County

W – Schuyler County and Fulton County


Created:  January 20, 1841                                                        Map of Illinois highlighting Mason County

County Seat:

Hanana  1841 – 1843

Bath       1843 – 1851

Havana  1851 – present


County Courthouse – Havana


Location:  125 North Plum Street / West Main Street

Built:  1882 – 1883

Style:  Federal

Architect:  William M Allen

Contractor:  William M Allen


Description: The building faces south and is a two story buff colored brick structure. There is a one story wing on the south side. The north section has a portico on the east side. The south section was built in 1877 by the City of Havana and has a small portico on the east side.  In 1954, the north and south sections were joined to form one building. The building has a red colored hipped roof with white colored gable ends. The building houses the County Circuit Court of the 8th Judicial Circuit. The building was renovated in 1960 to 1961. The architect was Phillips and Kemp of Canton and the contractor was Becker and Lane Construction Company.


See:  The 8th Judicial District includes Adams County, Brown CountyCalhoun County, Cass County, Menard County, Pike County and Schuyler County.


History:  The county was created in 1841 and Havana was selected as the county seat. The first court met in the hotel owned by Oslan M Ross in 1841. The first courthouse was built by Mr. Scovil in 1841. The county seat was moved to Bath in 1843 and the second courthouse was built. The county seat was returned to Havana in 1851. The third courthouse was built in 1851 and rebuilt as the fourth and present courthouse in 1882 to 1883.



County Courthouse – Havana

















Photos taken 2007 and 2012