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McCormick County

McCormick County is named for Cyrus McCormick, who was the inventor of the mechanical reaper.


Surrounding County Courthouses: 

N – Abbeville County and Greenwood County

E – Greenwood County and Edgefield County

S – Columbia County, Georgia and Lincoln County, Georgia

W – Lincoln County, Georgia and Elbert County, Georgia 


Created:  February 19, 1916                  Map of South Carolina highlighting McCormick County

County Seat: 

McCormick  1916 – present


County Courthouse – McCormick 


Location:  125   South Mine Street / West Augusta Street

Built:  1923 – 1924

Style:  Neo-Classical Revival

Architect:  G Lloyd Preacher & Company Inc. of Augusta, Georgia

Contractor:  C W Cooper & Company of Athens, Georgia


Description:  The building faces northeast and is a two story dark brown-red colored brick and concrete structure. The building is located on landscaped grounds in the center of McCormick. The rectangular shaped building has a large portico supported by four large white colored Doric columns with a wide header along the top. Vertical white bands rise on either side of the doorway which is framed with white wood. Over the entrance is an enriched lintel with console brackets, dentils and decorative frieze. Above the columns is a sheet metal cornice with dentils and modillion blocks. A white colored horizontal cornice runs below the roof line and wraps around the building. Above the portico, the roof forms a peak. The roof is hipped. The interior has not been significantly altered and displays pressed metal ceilings and original doors and transoms.  The courtroom is located on the second story.  building houses the Circuit Court and the Magistrate Court of the 11th Judicial Circuit. 


Note:  A relative of the contractor, C W Cooper says that he was such a great contractor that when he finished building the courthouse, that he only had a wheelbarrow full of left over materials.


See:  National Register of Historic Places – McCormick County Courthouse


See:  The 11th Judicial Circuit includes Edgefield CountyLexington County and Saluda County.


History:  The county was created in 1916 and McCormick was selected as the county seat. The courthouse is the first and only courthouse erected in the county in 1923 to 1923.



County Courthouse – McCormick









Photos taken 2008