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Pepin County

Pepin County is named for Pierre Pepin and Jean Pepin, of Chardon, who were explorers of the region.


Surrounding County Courthouses: 

N – Pierce County and Dunn County

E – Eau Claire County and Buffalo County

S – Buffalo County and Wabasha County, Minnesota

W – Goodhue County, Minnesota and Pierce County


Created:  February 25, 1858                  Map of Wisconsin highlighting Pepin County

County Seat: 

Pepin        1858 – 1861

Durand      1861 – 1886

Arkansaw  1881 – 1886

Durand      1886 – present


County Courthouse – Durand


Location:  740 7th Avenue West / Oakwood Avenue

Built:  1950 – 1951

Style:  Modern

Architect:  Joseph Durran

Contractor:  Viking Construction of Minneapolis


Description:  The building faces west and is a two story buff colored brick and concrete structure. The building was remodeled in 1983 after it was used as a hospital and nursing home. The building sits on spacious landscaped grounds at the top of a hill to the south of the center of Durand. Along the west side are two porticos at the two entrances. The roof line is flat. In the interior, the County Circuit Court courtroom is located on the second story. The building houses the County Circuit Court of the 7th Judicial District. The building is names as the Pepin County Government Center. 


Note:  The building was sold to the City of Durand in 1971 and in 1972 and Pepin County purchased a 30 percent interest in the property. The hospital continued to operate until the early 1980s. In 1983, the City of Durand deeded interests in the former hospital to the county for the new government center which opened in 1984. In the late 1990s a significant addition expanded the jail and law center.


Old County Courthouse – Durand



Location:  315 West Madison Street / 2nd Avenue East

Built:  1873 – 1874

Style:  Greek Revival

Architect:  Miles Durand Prindle

Contractor: Miles Durand Prindle


Description:  The building faces north and is a two story white colored wood frame structure. The building is located on spacious landscaped grounds in the center of Durand. The north front has four white colored wood columns. Atop the roof is a white colored wood cupola. In the interior, the courtroom is located on the second story. The building now houses a museum.


Note:  The building is the only remaining wood frame courthouse in Wisconsin and is the oldest courthouse not in use as a courthouse. .


See:  National Register of Historic Places – Old Pepin County Courthouse


See:  The 7th Judicial District includes Adams County, Buffalo County, Clark County, Crawford CountyGrant CountyIowa County, Jackson CountyJuneau CountyLa Crosse County, Monroe County, Pierce CountyRichland County, Trempealeau County and Vernon County.


History:  The county was created in 1858 and Pepin was selected as the county seat. The county used rented premises. The county seat was moved to Durand in 1861. The first courthouse was built by Miles Durand Prindle in 1873 to 1874 at a cost of $12,000 and is still standing. The county seat was moved to Arkansaw in 1881 and the courthouse became the City Hall. The county offices were housed in a barracks. The county seat was moved back to Durand in 1886. The first courthouse was used until 1983. The second and present courthouse was constructed in 1950 as a hospital and was converted in 1983 for use as a courthouse.



County Courthouse – Durand









County Circuit Court courtroom









Old County Courthouse – Durand













Photos taken 2006 and 2015