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Newton County

Newton County is named for John Newton, who was a hero of the American Revolutionary War.


Surrounding County Courthouses: 

– Walton County

E – Morgan County and Jasper County 

S – Butts County

W – Henry County and Rockdale County 


Created:  December 24, 1821                Map of Georgia highlighting Newton County

County Seat: 

Covington  1821 – present


County Courthouse – Covington 


Location:  1124 Clark Street SW / Pace Street

Built:  1884 – 1885

Style:  Second Empire

Architect:  Alexander C Bruce & Thomas H Morgan

Contractor:  James Smith of Sparta


Description:  The building faces south and is a two story red colored brick and stone structure. The building is located in the center of Covington. The south front has two large central arches on the first story with arched windows on the second story. On the southeast corner is a large square red colored brick clock tower rising four stories with black colored dome at the top. On the southwest corner is a larger square brick tower with mansard roof. The building has a mansard roof. The building overlooks the Public Square on the south side. In the interior are wood floors and stairs. On the second story the former courtroom is located at the center. At the rear is a gallery and the ceiling had pressed mental. The building was renovated in 2003. The architect was Jack Pybus and the contractor was The Potts Company of Conyers.


See:  National Register of Historic Places – Newton County Courthouse


County Judicial Center – Covington 



Location:  1132 Usher Street NW / Hunter Street

Built:  1996 – 1998

Style:  Modern

Architect:  Milton Pate Associates

Contractor:  Beers Construction Company


Description:  The building faces east and is a four story red colored brick and concrete structure. The building is located in the center of Covington on the north side of the courthouse. The east front has a central entrance on the second story with portico having four large columns and a rounded roof. The section on the north projects from the building and has a white colored square cupola. On the south side is a white colored balcony with large arched windows. A cornice runs along the top of the third story and the fourth story has small square shaped windows. The roof line has a white colored railing. In the interior are ornate light standards and wide hallways. There are seven courtrooms with four being County Superior Court courtrooms, one being the County Juvenile Court courtroom and two being the County Probate Court / Magistrate Court courtroom. An addition was constructed on the north side in 2016 to 2018 and the complex was named as the Judge Horace J Johnson. Jr. Judicial Center. The architect was Lyman, Davidson Dooley Inc. and the contractor is Hogan Construction Group. To the north at 1177 Stalings Street NW is the Old County Jail designed by J W Golucke and Company of Atlanta and the contractor was The Pauly Jail Building Manufacturing Company of St Louis, Missouri in 1901.


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History:  The county was created in 1821 and Covington was selected as the county seat. The first court met at the home of Martin Robb. The first courthouse was a one-room structure built in Brick House ( Covington ) in 1822 at a cost of $62. A two room courthouse was built and burned in 1883. The third and present courthouse was constructed in 1884 to 1885. The Judicial Center was constructed in 1996 to 1998 and was expanded in 2016 to 2018 at a cost of $12,300,000.


County Administration Building – Covington 



Location:  1113 Usher Street NE / Pace Street

Built:  2006 – 2007

Style:  Modern

Architect:  Lyman, Davidson, Dooley, Inc.

Contractor:  Hogan Construction Group


Description:  The building faces southwest and is a three story red colored brick and concrete structure. The building is located in the center of Covington on the norteast side of the courthouse. The southwest front is rounded with four columns on the first story with recessed glass entrance. The first story is faced with rough stone. On the west side is a square tower rising four stories, The roof line is flat.



County Courthouse – Covington

























Former courtroom

















County Judicial Center – Covington



























County Superior Court courtroom















County Administration Building- Covington





Photos taken 2013, 2018, 2023 and 2024